Information Visualization

Book Review Section

Information Visualization publishes book reviews on relevant topics. The following books are currently available for review. If you are interested in review one of the titles, contact the Editor-in-Chief Chaomei Chen at chaomei.chen @

A typical review is between 1,500~3,000 words.

Books Available for Review

         Alfred Inselberg (2009) Parallel Coordinates: Visual Multidimensional Geometry and Its Applications. Springer.

         Matthew Ward, Georges Grinstein, and Daniel Keim (May 2010) Interactive Data Visualization: Foundations, Techniques, and Applications. AK Peters, Ltd., Natick, MA. ISBN 978-1-56881-473-5

Book Reviews Published

         Visualizing Argumentation: Software tools for collaborative and educational sense-making. Information Visualization 4, 59 - 60 (01 Jan 2005)

         About Face 2.0: The essentials of interaction design. Information Visualization 3, 223 - 225 (01 Jan 2004)

         Data Mining and Uncertain Reasoning: An Integrated Approach. John Wiley. Hardback. Information Visualization, 2(1), 78 (2001)