Chaomei Chenís Resume: Keynote Speeches


1.     Chen, C. (2021) ICTeSSH.

2.     Chen, C. (2020) Vision of the mind. 14th International Conference on Computer Graphics, Visualization, Computer Vision and Image Processing. July 23-25, 2020. July 23, 2020. and

3.     Detecting Potentially Transformative Research: The Theory and Examples of Structural Variation. NIH Symposium on Gap Analysis. July 23-24, 2012. Bethesda, MD.

4.     Chen, C. (2011) The Nature of Creativity: From Mechanisms to Measurements. Upgrading Information to Knowledge, Organized by the International Council for Scientific and Technical Information (ICSTI), June 7-8, 2011, Beijing, China.

5.     Chen, C. (2011) Detecting Early Signs of Transformative Research. Mining the Digital Traces of Science (MDTS2011) March 23-24, 2011, Paris, France.

6.     Chen, C. (2009) Visual Analysis of Scientific Discoveries and Knowledge Diffusion. Visual Information Communications International (VINCIí09). Sept 24-25, 2009. Sydney, Australia.

7.     Chen, C. (2009) Structural and temporal properties of scientific discovery. Collnet. Sept 13-16, 2009. Dalian, China.

8.     Chen, C. (2008) The potential of missing links. Powering Innovations: A National Summit. The Annual ORION/CANARIE Conference. November 2-5, 2008. Canada.

9.     Chen, C. (2006) Visual analysis of concept change and information diffusion. International Conference on Multidisciplinary Information Sciences and Technologies (InSciT 2006) October 25-28, 2006. Spain.

10.  Chen, C. (2005) Connecting the dots: from turning points to critical pathways. Visualization and Data Analysis (VDA 2005). San Jose, CA. January 17-18, 2005.

11.  Chen, C. (2004) Time Will Tell. The National Federation of Abstracting and Information Services (NFAIS 2004). February 2004. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. *Invited Speaker.

12.  Chen, C. (2002) Crossroads. The 6th International Conference on Information Visualization (IV 2002) London. July 10-13, 2002.

13.  Chen, C. (2000) Visualizing information: A mosaic of perspectives. Laurini, R. (ed.) (2000) Advances in Visual Information Systems. Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Visual Information Systems (VISUAL2000). November 2-4, 2000. Lyon, France. Springer Verlag, Lecture Notes in Computer Sciences, 1929, 120-126.